New year, new me, new blog.

I spend most of my time thinking about food. When I’m not eating (and often when I am), I’m planning what to eat next. Although the word has fallen out of favour, people who know me would probably describe me as a foodie.

That’s not to say that all my food experiences are gourmet. Far from it. Sure, I can enthuse for days after Michelin starred food, drool over high-spec kitchenware, and wax lyrical about artisanal produce – and I most definitely will do all of these things on this blog – but I also once cried because a Greggs sausage roll hit the spot so well the morning after the night before, so…

My boy (9 months old) is currently the opposite. He has never cried over a sausage roll – at least not out of joy. My wife, Cat, and I share a passion for food (the blog was her idea). We naively assumed that the boy would follow suit – voraciously eating all manner of ingredients and ordering his milk perfectly textured with a few shots of the (decaf) columbian. In reality, we celebrate when, using the omnipresent soldier of toast we’ve inevitably resorted to feeding him, he accidentally scrapes a trace of carrot mush off his face and into his mouth. I suspect he will make an appearance here, as Cat and I continue to find creative (i.e. sneaky) ways to get him eating.

Having lived in the city for all of our adult life, Cat and I are moving a few miles out of Edinburgh to the coastal town of South Queensferry, in the shadows of the three Forth bridges. We’re moving from the first flat we owned to the first house. All I have been able to think about – beyond the indescribable relief that the boy will no longer have to share our bedroom – is that we will have a garden and a garage where all manner of gastronomic projects can take shape. Most people probably think about how they will paint the living room, or what kind of curtains would work in the bedroom. I was thinking: ‘I can have a pickling shelf in the garage’.

In essence, this blog is a creative outlet. It is an excuse to mess about with food, to experiment, taste and play, to explore local eats and those further afield, to share my obsessive research on equipment, gadgets, and ingredients, to start (and hopefully finish) edible projects, and to spend time writing about it.