This Week, I’m Mostly: Thankful.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to write about here. I missed a post last week – largely due to life getting in the way – but, in part, because I had a bit of writer’s block. I nearly added a new entry to my culinary A-Z (C for celeriac), but didn’t quite find the time. Now that Monday has rolled around again, I’m here – turning up to the page (as they call it in wanky writer-speak).

My recent posts about my mental health have been really helpful for me to write. It’s a kind of catharsis. But beyond that, it has helped me to connect to all sorts of people in lovely and unexpected ways. As I’ve said before, the sense of solidarity I get from writing about this stuff has been really important to me. I also think it’s good to step back and think about all the good things in your life.

With that in mind, I wanted to write a shortish piece tonight on things I am thankful for (I’ll get back to the food next week – promise!). Here follows an assorted (and by no means exhaustive) list, in no real order.

Some things I am thankful for

First and foremost:

  • My wife and Boy – Obviously.
  • My family (and in-laws) – Obviously.
  • Great pals – Obviously
  • All y’all – Obviously.

But also:

  • Coffee – utterly essential, since The Boy still thinks that 04.30 is an appropriate time to commence Operation Wee Radge every day.


  • Baby Wipes – I know they strangle bees, or whatever, but my god, they don’t half clean up a shitey wee arse.
  • New Music Fridays – I love a wee blast of the latest releases. Listening to those new rap songs on the wireless keeps me young.


  • My new job – Have you ever been to an ‘assessment centre’? As far as I can see, they are largely an opportunity to sweat profusely and feel inadequate – and I haven’t even done a private sector ‘get-you-hammered-and-make-you-do-groupwork’ effort! In any case, I finally passed one and I hope to never see the inside of one again! The new post looks exciting, too!


  • A week off – Between posts – why not? I plan to be looking after The Boy for most of it, but I might get a few frames of pool and a bike ride in at some point, and I plan to  take some time to do a bit of cooking. Had a cracking afternoon at Deep Sea World with The Boy and my mum today (annual pass means I have been three times in four weeks)!


  • The Office (the American TV series) – Cat and I are tired. Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before… Starting new TV shows is too much of a commitment, so we tend to just have The Office on repeat. I’m not sure how many times we’ve watched it now, but when we get to the end of the very last disc – we start the very first one. I don’t know if it’s healthy, but I don’t care. They are our friends now… (speaking of Friends, we just started watching that again, too, and have been reminded of why it was so popular that Channel 4 had it on literally all day every day for years).


  • Autumn – This summer was off the chain. It was bananas. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the wall-to-wall sunshine in Scotland – going taps aff and pretending it was totally normal and in no way a sign of the impending climatocalypse©™. However, my ginger sensibilities are better suited to damp and cold. I thrive amongst the soggy leaves – finally able to comfortably wear jeans and long-sleeved clothing.
  • My regained fitness – In order to beat my ailing mind, I signed up for my first ever triathlon. I trained when I could, and I saw clear improvements. I felt better physically, and that helped a lot with my mental health. Yesterday, I completed the triathlon, AND CAME THIRD!! It was a big shock, and I am completely delighted! I feel strong and fit, and I am hooked on triathlon! The course – mainly off-road in the Trossachs – was hilly and tough, but really beautiful.


  • Ritter Sport Rum, Raisin and hazelnut – Could this be better than Toblerone or M&M’s Mix!?

There’s so much more, but maybe for another time.

**What are you thankful for? Let me know in the comments, or write a list for yourself. It really does help me!**

2 thoughts on “This Week, I’m Mostly: Thankful.

  1. Hannah says:

    Congrats on the new job, and well done on your triathlon! It’s amazing how a bit of exercise can improve your state of mind. I’m training for a half marathon and am thankful my legs carried me 12km this morning.


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